Homeopathy is a system of Medicine which involves treating the individual patient with diluted Homeopathic remedy produced from the substance that will create the symptoms in a healthy person.

The most common symptoms for food poisoning are vomiting , diarrhea and spasms in the gastro-intestines. In Homeopathy we use the remedy ARSEN ALBUM in a potency to treat patients who are inflicted with food poisoning.

It is a natural healing science founded by Dr Samuel Hanneman in Germany.
It is based on the principal of “ like cures like” and therefore the Homeopath has to find the cause of the series of symptoms and then treat the patient.
It is a system which treats the patient on the physical level as well as the emotional level.


It is a drugless approach to healing the patients and there is no chemical deposits left in the system.
There are no side effects of Homeopathic treatments.


Anybody who is experiencing any symptoms of illness or mental states of anxiety, depression or stress.
The patient who is having breathing difficulties, skin eruptions, pain anywhere in the body.

Norma was born on January 17, 1924 in Durban, South Africa. She was married to Colin Edward Harman in September 1945 and together they had three children. In 1960 Norma first met Swami Venkatesa a disciple of Swami Sivananda in South Africa. Norma had a keen interest in yoga and spirituality. At this time Norma was training in Homeopathy and in 1970 graduated as a Doctor of Homeopathy in Durban, South Africa. Norma was dedicated to serving mankind and on the advice of Swami Venkatesa started The Venkatesa Mobile Clinic, a not-for-profit organization that performed health services on a no-fee basis. Norma was given the name Narayani. The clinics had already become very popular. Norma in spite of studying classical Homeopathy had to improvise her methods of prescribing because of limitations of time and money. There were many people in need of health care and the time constraint allowed her to visit clinics on a monthly basis. The result was the use of combination remedies and simplified to serve the largely illiterate and very low income patients. Hence she developed a set of combination remedies consisting of approximately 36 mixtures.

In 1981, Norma was officially initiated with her fellow spiritual trainee, Ghiradhlal, by Swami Omkar of the Shanti Ashram. Norma had now become Swami Narayani and Ghiradhlal became Swami Ananda. Swami Narayani was often called “Mataji” meaning mother. In 1989 Swami Narayani received an Albert Schweitzer Award for Humanitarian Work in Healing for her selfless work and service. Norma 1993After 1989, Swami Narayani returned to South Africa. On Thursday 6 April 1995, Swami Narayani passed away, but her work continues even after her passing. Swami Narayani’s method of Homeopathy and her “Narayani Remedies” are administered to this day in many areas of India, South Africa, Mauritius, Italy, France and Canada. The Narayani formulas have now expanded to 215 mixtures and from feedback from practitioners throughout the world these remedies have and are still showing great success. There are many centres in India and South Africa where there is only the use of these formulas and the results are excellent. This does not discount the use of single classical remedies on the contrary there is better understanding of single remedies.

Norma had also developed her own method of teaching Homeopathy and alternate health which is quite different to schools of classical Homeopathy. This method had to be developed through necessity because she would go to remote areas and train the locals to take care of their own people. This method of health care was very cost effective and could reach more people. Together with Swami Anand, Swami narayani had written the Handbook of healing which is at present being used as part of a curriculum in Homeopathy at a few teaching institutions in India.